Don’t ever judge people you don’t know – Ethrice Ekpen Advice Youth

Port Harcourt Entertainment record label owner, Ethrice Ekpen the E1 Record CEO, share a word of advice to encourage youth as they are entering 2020. That they shouldn’t be judge people they don’t know. What to know more about? Keep Reading Below. 

People have made it too easy to know everything about their personal business because of social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, twitter and the likes of them. A person doesn’t ever truly know another person. They have a whole life, years and years of memories and experiences.

You cannot ever know what they have felt in situations, what has happened to them, what made them who they are. So you cannot judge a person ever, not unless you somehow manage to learn their whole life.
In order to improve our life for good always remember that regardless of what anyone else says and does, we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. This is the only way to experience victory, joy, and satisfaction every day of our lives.

Some people love to judge others based on their past weaknesses, mistakes and failures, but expect those same people to judge them by their current improved conditions. So what happen to the golden rule of treating others as you would expect them to treat you? Whatever it is you have heard about others dont be so “Foolish” to judge them by it cos you might be hearing it from an enemy or probably someone that doesn’t know the person like you do. It’s another year and it will be so good to retrace our Steps and Plan more on things that will improve us positively.

Social media has created alot of hatred among humanity today, families fighting families, villages fighting villages, states fighting states, countries fighting themselves, nations fighting nations but only a few actually stop to think and have a second thought about what they read or watch on social media. The enemy you have is in the same profession as you and it comes or starts as competition and later upgrade to envy and then finally to hatred.
Dont spend time selling others all in the names of hatred that doesn’t even remember you existing on planet earth.

For the past months now and years we in Eone Records have read alot about us online that doesn’t even go close to what we represent but we choosed not to ever exchange words or reply to such write up about the brand come to think of it the people need to sell themselves by writing about a brand they claim to be nothing.

People who judge others tell more about Who They Are, than Who They Judge.
We hope 2020 will give you all a better understanding and focus on your chosen careers instead of judging or gossiping others who are busy making Money 24/7.
We wish you all happy new year, God bless you all.