God’s Plan Of Redemption


God’s Plan Of Redemption. Someone once said that there is a scarlet thread of redemption that runs through God’s word, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. As we study God’s word we can see this thread of redemption in every book of the Bible. God has done this because, throughout his word, He wants his creation to know his great love for them. Even though all people have sinned, as part of his creation, God wants us to realise we can be brought into a right Relationship with him.

Many people do not understand God’s plan of redemption. They have tried to enter a relationship with God by various means. Some have tried to control their sinful desire by their own efforts. Others have performed acts of kindness or benevolence in hopes of earning a relationship with God. But the Bible is clear, there is only one way to have a relationship with God – accepting Jesus Christ as one’s personal saviour.

This unit provides an excellent opportunity to teach your students some of the Biblical concept of redemption, starting with the sin of Adam and Eve and ending with the return of Christ when our redemption is culminated. As you and your students examine these important concepts, you will learn to appreciate your relationship with Christ.

Each week’s lesson presents Jesus Christ as the only hope for redemption. You may have some unsaved students who will attend your class during this unit. As you prepare each week’s lessons, ask God to anoint your teaching.

Our next lesson will titled: Need For A redeemer.