#GOSPEL: As a Christian this are the Seven questions of vital (importance)

#GOSPEL: As a Christian this are the Seven questions of vital importance.

Hello friends. Today’s Sunday!!! Did you go to church today? 😏 If yes that’s awesome!!!. As a Christian you must know this SEVEN QUESTIONS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE. There are seven questions that every Christian should face,questions of vital importance that to ignore them is to imperil one’s spiritual life. Let us consider them, then, one hundred one, and may God help us to answer them honestly and sincerely.

1. Am I committing any known since?

2. Am I living in obedience to God’s will?

3. Am I spending time each day in prayers?

4. Am I a diligent student of God’s word?

5. Am I confessing Christ publicly?

6. Am I giving liberally as God prospers me?

7. Am I doing something definite for the Lord Jesus Christ?

We must examine ourselves and see to it that we measure up to His requirements. If you find it difficult is the these are mentioned, keep visit Akmnaja for a spiritual growth. Word of God from the great men of God published here all time. With God all things are possible.

Remain bless as work according to God will in Jesus name. Amen 🙏