History Behind The Journey Life Of Linda Ikeji Sucess From 2004 to 20019 That You Might Not Know About, (Very Inspiring)

History Behind The Journey Life Of Linda Ikeji Sucess From 2004 to 20019 You Might Not Know About, (Very Inspiring)
History Behind The Journey Life Of Linda Ikeji From 2004 to 20019 You Might Not Know About, (Very Inspiring). Keep reading to know more about Linda Ikeji. How she end up been a Sucessful blogger in life today.

Β Linda Ikeji In 2004. Every single year, from 2004 until 2010, I organized a fashion show called Style Night. I started from Fantasy land in Ikoyi (I was 24), 11.45 night club in Ikoyi, Moods bar in Surulere, Golden Gates in Ikoyi etc.

History Behind The Journey Life Of Linda Ikeji Sucess From 2004 to 20019 You Might Not Know About, (Very Inspiring)
For 7 straight years, I did Style Night, no matter how difficult it was to pull it off and it was crazy difficult. To get sponsors, I would go on the road for 3 dedicated months, mostly by myself. she would go from one company to the other with proposals and photos from the previous edition. Sometimes I didn’t get past the reception, sometimes I was lucky to meet marketing managers or owners of the company. The highest sponsorship I ever got was N500k, she got a few N200k, N100k and products. By the time I put all that money together, it was enough to pay the models, venue, music, food etc but never much left for me after the event. But she was grateful that I was always able to pull off the show every year.
For three straight months, she would wake up very early and hit the road before 8 am. I always had a list of companies to go…some of them I went to several times until I met someone who would either tell me yes or no, or I’d been left at the reception several times, I knew I was wasting my time.

History Behind The Journey Life Of Linda Ikeji Sucess From 2004 to 20019 You Might Not Know About, (Very Inspiring)
For me to get 3 or 4 sponsors for Style Night, it meant she had asked at least 15 companies. she remember those lonely, desperate drives around Lagos, going from one company to the other, begging God to please let them give me positive feedback. 90% of the time, it wasn’t. But she never lost faith or gave up.

She was preparing for Style Night in 2011 when she realized she was making more money blogging than anything else I’d ever done until that point. So she cancelled style night and dedicated all my time and energy on blogging. .
To be honest, if anybody had told me then, when she would walk away from a company with tears in my eyes…so frustrated, that she would spend over N100m on a car 8 years later, she would have laughed hysterically and asked what planet.

God watches and sees your struggles. He sees your dedication and determination and when He’s ready to show up, He will use you to prove to the world that He’s God. Keep working hard and never give up! 😘😘

somebody actually allowed me to use this photo? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β #lindathedreamerΒ #2007 and no, the show never happened! she fought hard for it…but it never took off! It’s okay though! God showed up in my story! πŸ₯°

#lindathedreamerΒ #2007

In 2009 she launched a t.shirt line called I-tees (inspirational t-shirts) by Linda Ikeji where She inscribed inspirational quotes on the t.shirts. I printed 200 of those tops then. Gave out some. Sold some. My hope was to eventually print thousands of the tops so people can walk around with positive words for them and others to read. But she was never able to raise enough money at the time to print more…so that was that! Lol.

t.shirt line called I-tees (inspirational t-shirts) by Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji was thinking that maybe should bring them back now that she can afford to? πŸ€” she tried my hands on so many things, so it’s okay if people call you Jack of all trades. Eventually, God will bless one if not all the works of your hands.! And yes, And she strongly believe that good things come to good people, eventually! ❀

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In September 2007, she shot the first episode of my modeling TV show called Catwalk With Linda. It was shot at Philip Trimnell studios and cost me a lot of money back then. She took the edited show to several companies begging for sponsorship so she could continue filming but nobody answer me…lol. It’s crazy! and spent five months on the road, going from one company to the other with my pilot copy. Half the time, she didn’t make it past the reception. Choi! Sigh! But God was watching and He had his plans. Four years later, Linda Ikeji became a millionaire!

As you continue to strive and not give up no matter how hard it gets, God is watching and when it’s time, He will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations. ❀

From 2006 to 2009, she published 5 editions of FM&B (Fashion, Modeling & Beauty) magazine. she gave it up in 2009 after a series of unfortunate incidents including being arrested for owing a community bank N190k 😭😭 which Linda ikeji borrowed to add to the money she had to print the magazine and vendors taking your magazine and not paying you a dime.

She did an official launch of the magazine in 2006 at Golden Gates restaurant in Ikoyi. she was 26 and was so hopeful. She was sure this was the venture that would change my life! Lol. Because of my love for writing, she opened my blog a few months after she launched my magazine and never imagined that platform which took me less than 5mins to open would be it and not other things I’d dedicated my time, put my blood, sweat and money into.

When you swipe, the last photo is the magazine she never got published. The 6th edition. Even after being arrested for owing money, she was still determined to continue. But the printer she gave money to print the magazine disappeared with my money! 😭😭. she should have known better because he charged me way less than others did. she was so happy, not knowing he had no intentions of printing the magazine. Lol. Anyway, after that experience, She was done. That was the end of FM&B. But it wasn’t the end of my dreams! she continued to struggle.

6 years later, she would buy a N500million home in one of the choicest areas in Lagos. And she paid cash! πŸ˜‰. Trust me when she say God is seeing your struggles and if you never give up, He will show up and uplift you in ways you never thought possible!
It’s okay to give up on SOME dreams. Just don’t give up on YOUR dream. There’s a difference! Kisses!.

In 2010, Linda Ikeji released a book titled It Takes You! A book on Inspiration. There was no social media then so she wasn’t doing this for clout. she really wanted to inspire people to continue to pursue their dreams as and was mine, despite how difficult it was.

At that time, She had given up on a number of ventures I’d embarked on including the magazine, Catwalk with Linda, the model competition, and my marketing company. Linda Ikeji was still struggling with my modeling agency, Style Night and the events company.

Linda Ikeji was a broke CEO with many years of struggling (13 years at this time), with so many broken dreams, but not a broken spirit. She was determined to be successful and every encouraging word she told herself during those moments when and was alone, close to tears, crying, feeling like a failure, nearly broken, She put those words down. She would later put those encouraging words in a book hoping that others struggling like myself would read and be encouraged to continue to fight and never loose hope.

After the book was launched, Linda Ikeji lost my office because and could no longer afford the rent. Linda Ikeji moved her business back home and continued to run it from there. Just imagine losing an office you’ve had for 7 years. When you thought you would be progressing after years of hard work, you find yourself going backwards. But what she didn’t know at the time was that God was preparing me for something greater.

Linda Ikeji moved Her business back home in June 2010 and by October 2010, companies started calling me about advertising on my blog. (I’d been blogging for 4 years at this point). A year later, she was worth about N4million. To think a year prior, and couldn’t afford N300k a year rent.

God sees and He knows. And when He’s ready for you to stop struggling, He will prove to the world that He’s on your side! The key is never to give up on yourself or on God!Β  I, Linda Ikeji wish you all the best! Massive hugs!