HUMMER JEEP: How are the mighty fading?

HUMMER JEEP: How are the mighty fading?

We have a short story that’s so touching. The young once are so anxious about what they might be tomorrow, which is bad. We don’t want to be calling brands names, because they might feel we are spoiling them. We are not kicking against any brand, but take a look at “HUMMER JEEP: HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FADING“?.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, a hummer jeep was the king of vehicles. A rare status symbol and many were willing to sale their souls in order to own a hummer.

Today it has faded away. In this picture, the SUV was reduced to a commercial carrier for bamboo trees. Nothing lasts forever. Never put your mind on these gadgets because they will soon be out of fashion.

Where is BlackBerry phone that was the ultimate phone before? Gone and buried. Stop spending all the little that you have on things that will soon fade away in order to impress people that don’t care. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.

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