Stop creating enemies for yourself

Stop creating enemies for yourself

I know many people are so guilty about this. On Akmnaja We are not just here to entertain but to experience and learn more. Don’t be a victim, as you read, learn from it and quickly correct your mistakes. Never too late to rise. our TALKZONE topic today titled: “STOP CREATING ENEMIES FOR YOURSELF“. This is a story of a lady shared, but this not only for women but all…  ▶I had a childhood friend that was lucky to get married before me.
Whenever she comes to the village and i went to visit her, her mother would say she is not around. This incident repeated itself more than six good times, i was confused. When i confronted her on her way to the church one Sunday she told me her mother had warned her to stop associating with me because I might not be happy she is married while I’m still single. Ah, I cried. Honestly I was pained and ashamed.

Unfortunately for her, the husband had already married to another woman with three lovely kids. The wife now came back to Nigeria and trouble started and the husband filed for a divorce. She was divorced 3years ago. When i heard the story i felt for her. Her mother saw me in the neighbourhood shortly after her divorce she couldn’t look at my face. I asked after her she told me she is seriously sick. She burst into tears.

Some of us are guilty of this: When we have our houses filled with kids. Our loyal friends struggling to have kids become our enemies. We push them away, for fear they might be jealous and unhappy. Once we get married. Our loyal single friends become enemies, We push them away.

Once we get employed, Our loyal jobless friends become enemies.
We push them away. Once we get to the top. Our loyal friends at the bottom become enemies We push them away. When we are happily married. Our loyal friends that are unfortunately divorcees become our enemies, We push them away.

When we have food and water. Our loyal friends struggling to survive become our enemies, We push them away. Nobody is your enemy, you are only being an enemy to them. We quickly forget that life is not static. It moves and changes. When you condemn a situation along with the person in the situation. You are only gambling. My Friends, be careful because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Never look down on anybody no matter what. Thankyou for reading this.

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