The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t Allow Devil To Defeat You For Nothing.


I stepped out to join my friend who was preparing his car for our movement. I had a delivery to make in Apapa, against Monday traffic, that Sunday morning. Suddenly, I noticed the rush of steps towards me. I turned to see who.

It was a young lady, not more than 25, holding some flyers with the MFM logo on it.

“Good morning, I have been following you from there” she pointed to a few distances away.

Really?!! Good morning. Why are you following me?

“I want to give you this handbill”.

Am sorry, I can’t take it.


Because I don’t need it. You may have to look for someone else to give.


There is no need begging me, I have no need for your flyer. What exactly is it asking me to do? Is it not inviting me to your program?

“Yes, it is”.

There is no way I can come. Not possible.

She looked at me and shook her head in an outward bearing that reads, “this one is beyond repair, he is sure going to hellfire”.

This is what they term “evangelism”. If I had collected that flyer from her, she would have achieved the great “commission”, she would have successfully ministered the “gospel to me”. And my refusal to take what I did not need was a sign that I am doomed for hellfire. What a pity!

Read the following transaction:

Q: Bosun, I heard you say many don’t understand what the gospel is, could you tell me what it is?

Bosun: First, what do you say it is?

Q: The good news is about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Bosun: Hmmm! You could have fooled me if I did not read the Bible. When Jesus was alive, what was he preaching?

Q: He preached repentance and forgiveness of sin.

Bosun: Open your Bible to Matthew 4:23 and read, please.

Q: “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people”.

Bosun: You will find a similar text in Matthew 9:35. Did you read that Jesus preached the GOSPEL of THE KINGDOM before he died and was raised?

Q: What Jesus preached then was different from the gospel he asked us to preach after his resurrections.

Bosun: Your mind. What is the gospel after his resurrection? Can you show me, from your Bible, where it says, Jesus asked his disciples to go and preach about him?

Q: “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”. (Romans 10:9).

Bosun: Thought as much. You can’t find where it says, Jesus asked them to preach about himself. Let me shock you. Even Jesus said he was not there to talk about himself. So what is the gospel?

The gospel was hinted where Jesus gave what you called, “the great commission”. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”. So where can you find the hint?

From what he said before making that statement. “All authority in heaven and the earth has been delivered to me”. Why did he say that and for what purpose? How are we supposed to benefit from that? Answers to these questions deliver to you what the gospel is.

I want to stop here.

Q: Please go on.

Bosun: It seems am tired now. Let us meet some other time and continue from where we stopped.

Q: But it is getting interesting already. I want to hear what the gospel is from you.

Bosun: Am sorry, it must not be from me. Since you have the Bible in your hands and you are also the spirit of God living in a body, you should find this thing out yourself. Trying to tell you is why am exhausted now. You should by now not have the need for any man to teach you – was that not what Paul told some people in his days?

Allow me to rest joor.

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