The Truth About Christmas Every Christians Should Know

The Truth About Christmas Every Christians Should Know

It is time for yuletide! The season when we are bombarded with many things about Christmas, from the Christmas songs we hear in the supermarket to your neighbor’s innocent Christmas greetings. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events, not only for Christians but also for that have not even step the holy church.

Behind the happy celebration and the warm feeling that was born at Christmas, however, there are Christians who do not celebrate traditional Christmas. If you go far enough in your Bible, you will find reasons for Christians not to celebrate Christmas! We have provided you with Reasons why Christians should not celebrate Christmas, which is as follow:

 December 25 is not the date of birth of Christ

Obviously, there is no evidence that December 25 is the actual date of Christ’s birth. On the contrary, there is a lot of evidence to refute this claim. For example, the Bible tells us that a shepherd in the field took care of his flock during the night of Christ’s birth. The weather in Bethlehem in December is cold. No shepherd will let his fragile sheep graze in the field in such weather conditions. More also, We also remember that Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to perform a Roman census. The Romanian government will never perform such a count when the roads are in poor condition and the temperature often drops below freezing.

God did not command us to celebrate the birth of Christ

As much as we love God, we always want to obey his commandment? God did not tell us to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Although the Bible mentions the people who celebrate Christmas at least twice, and we have seen that both didn’t end well.

If God or Christ wants us to celebrate Christmas, then we must find a direct will from the Bible. However, you cannot find any verse. To make matters worse, the Bible did not reveal the exact date of the birth of Christ.

 God called Christmas an abomination

The Bible clearly tells us that pagan holidays are hated by God which also includes Christmas. Does God agree with Christmas? If you are God, do you want your people to use pagan holidays to honour you? Do you want to be worshiped with recycled waste or things that I call unpleasant, useless, unnecessary, and unacceptable?

 Christmas hides a real holiday from God

If we don’t celebrate Christmas, what should we celebrate? The Bible clearly tells us that we must celebrate the feasts of God mentioned in Leviticus 23. It was also celebrated in the New Testament Church. Even Christ and the apostles celebrated it.

You will not find them when they celebrate Christmas! They celebrate the festivals, the festivals that show us God’s plan of salvation. If the first-century apostles and church members live today, they will be surprised to see the “Christians” celebrate Christmas!

Then it is your choice; Are you going to celebrate the hateful pagan holiday? Or are you going to celebrate God’s designated holidays? The answer must be clear, but hard to follow. But God will reward him with a large number of divine blessings when he seeks his will and carries out his commandments.


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