Upcoming Artists Should Know That Entertainment Is Not Childs Play Or Luck It’s Strictly Business – Ethrice Ekpen

Upcoming Artists Should know That Entertainment Is Not Childs Play Or Luck It’s Strictly Business. 

Ethrice Ekpen Nigeria UK based Entrepreneur and the E1 Record CEO, shared another word concerns about upcoming artists the way they should place their self in the music industry (Entertainment). 

He wrote:-

Its a pity entertainment is been bastardised by many people who claim to be major players. Entertainment is not Childs Play, gambling, sentiments nor Luck like many people perceive it to be its strictly Business. Peace, happiness, and love are a daily practice. Give time and energy to that which you want more of in your life. Invest in yourself for a higher quality of life. You’re worth it. Stop blaming other people for your own behavior! Own the truth. If you don’t like it, then invest the time and energy to change it.

Its good to write or blog Controversial stories but before any write up is made about a craft or a brand, it should first atleast be verified from the parties involved not from outsiders. Whenever you write a fake or malicious stories about a brand, you not bringing such brand down but rather you telling the public how unprofessional you are carrying out you supposed profession.

Broadcasters are not left out on this drama today, because you holding the Mic and having a platform to broadcast doesn’t give you the Right to go on Air and say things you don’t have an honest Clue about a Brand.

There is no doubt the industry is yet to grow to its full potentials, where everybody will be accountable for every actions and inactions. If history means anything to Us, we all would have known or realise that nobody ever grow by bringing others down. Artiste(s) are fighting fellow Artistes cos of a track they claim to have own which in reality is even wack “Contents wise” forgetting like pastors who live by preaching from the same source which in this case verses from the same book “Holy Bible” still flourish cos of the way and pattern at which they deliver the verse.

Enough is enough of hate speech and claiming to be something on top nothing. If you cannot beat your chest to show anything you have done in life and be successful then you better Shut Up and sit tight in your Hustle.

My advice to you all in the Entertainment world is to sit tight and work more on yourself instead of going around looking for how to criticised someone else’s work, style or pathern. There are different genres of song, if you don’t know what category some artiste song falls into leave the so Artiste to their fans to judge or accept them. Burna Boy was look down upon for so many years cos of his style and pathern of song but today the same style and pathern put him on one of the Best in the World.

The key to living a focused life is direction. When you have a clear goal, you can steer all your actions in one direction. But if you are unsure where to go, you will mindlessly wander around. At the same time, it is often not so important how long we work, but how effectively we use our working hours. If we pay the closest attention to maintaining a high level of focus, we can use the available hours of the day more effectively.

However, if we allow distractions to draw away our attention, we are less likely to accomplish much in the time available.
Whatever you do in life, make sure you have a clear goal. Otherwise, you might be wasting valuable time by spending your time in an undirected and unfocused manner. Knowing precisely what you want to achieve will help you to maintain a higher level of focus and motivation.

It will also encourage you to do whatever it takes until your goal is accomplished. But if there’s no dream or vision that fuels all your actions, you are more likely to simply give up when the going gets tough.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” I wish you all a healthy entertainment playground full of Love, help and support from each other and also to remind you all that there is enough spaces for everyone to flourish without pulling each other down. One love to you all. 

Honestly Entertainment is not a child play ▶ but strictly it’s business. So guy hold this at the back of your mind. Don’t just jump into music because of girls or Davido is wearing expensive clothes or drive latest car.