[Gospel] Voice Of The Lord (Faith) Bosun S. G. Wealth



The evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hope for. This is the description of faith. What is the definition?

Faith is acting on what God says to YOU.

It has always been looked at from the side of man, but who is in control of the things you cannot see? God.

When you believe what God says to you and you act on it, you display an evidence of things not seen; you bring the invisible to live; you become an agent of God’s creation. God made everything from that which is invisible and He is still in the business of creation, but He is using men. When you act on His word or command to you, you will bring to live something from the perceived nothing. Everything that needs to be revealed hear on earth is in the care of man not God, therefore, obey what He says to you.

God’s hope is for man to be matured and effective in taking charge of the earth. Your obedience brings flesh to God’s hope, it is also a shame to Satan – the accuser of humans – because he always spite God because of us; he says to God, “what is it you have found in these worms, you will only end up being disappointed in them.” Satan mocks God each and every time we disobey His instructions, and we help him with it. Disobedience to God is removing flesh from His hope.

Little wonder Jesus wept. The two times where it is recorded in the Bible that Jesus wept were for lack of faith. One by Merry, the other by the people of Jerusalem, do not bring tears to His face by not acting on His words. No wonder the Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God. No wonder God said, “my righteous one shall live by his faith, if he falters, I will not be pleased with him.” YOU ARE GOD’S RIGHTEOUS ONE.

For everyone of us is a purpose to fulfill here on earth. Without discovering your purpose and what God says to you about it, depression is not an impossibility. A man who has found what God designed him to achieve, has found a precious gem, he behaves in a certain decisive way fitting a man on a mission. There are many heads attached to your’s that you must comb and you wouldn’t be able to do that if your concern day in day out is all about yourself. WHAT HAS GOD PLACED IN YOU TO BLESS THE WORD? Find it, work it, and all other things the people of the world are dying to have shall be added onto you also. That is the meaning of seeking first the kingdom of God. “For the kingdom of God is in you.”

God bless you today and may you remain in His blessing.


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