Face Of Akmnaja 2019 (Vote Now)


Here’s you can vote your favorite artist of your choice below.



  1. Ur time will surely come sweetie, ur story will surely change for good but pls no 4get me oo @ Coolest J

  2. The World is urs for the taking bro, Go and conquer. Will keep Voting for my COOLEST J da Micmaster

  3. U go must blow oooo @ Coolest J, Even if 2face refused to help God still gat ur back.
    If I no vote for u every morning wetin I gain!

  4. Our next to blow Coolest J Dis Lagos and Nigeria music industry will Favor u in Jesus name.

  5. If u keep focus u will attain greater heights darling, wish ya the best. @ COOLEST J .

    Ya gonna come over to the United State soon.

  6. This Coolest J guy is even more than what people think he is, I pray God shine the light on u soon bro.

  7. God make u bigger bruh, Benue entertainment miss ur show dis Easter…. Big Up Coolest J

  8. Baba Coolest J u re der already, no be competition dem dey take blow o coz scammers dey everywhere.
    Just know that the street Gat ur back.

  9. I just wish I have a record label or a tangible amount of money I would have invest on COOLEST J cos he gat all it takes to survive and go globally in the industry.

  10. Coolest J is d best…when u talk about music he is always dere when u also talk about his voice is body movement when singing everything about him when it com’s to entertainment he is just am extraordinary.. perfect he is too good…out of d best he is still d best…well don guy….

  11. Coolest J is d best …he is so good when it comes to music he has already been talented from God is it his voice or his body movement when singing… Pafect well don…dr..

  12. When it comes to music Coolest J is the name that comes to my mind….. Dat Benue Lagos bade humble Musician, Wish u the best my Manni

  13. If it’s not Coolest J den nobody.
    I can’t stop listening to his award winning track BE MINE.

  14. Coolest j never alot me to sleep wit out my head phone on my eyes…more grace to my boy coolest j forever

  15. My vote goes to the 9ja next rated,O Ogbadibo Carnival Got talent winner Coolest J da micmaster.

  16. Dysson is a great musician with a unique style of music…. I believe in my boss… He has been the best…. Top is urs boss

  17. Dysonn is a fast rising artist who is making waves in the Nigerian Music industry,he’s gonna be taking over the Music market very soon.

  18. Dy sonn has been an amazing artist who is trying to make waves in the music industry , I strongly believe in due time he’s gonna be topping with his songs.