Why You Must Know Things Women Do, When They’re Totally Genuine In Love With A Man

Why You Must Know Things Women Do, When They’re Totally Genuine In Love With A Man
Why You Must Know Things Women Do, When They’re Totally Genuine In Love With A Man

Do not keep chasing after something that does not want to get caught because your best efforts will never be enough when your best efforts are being wasted on the wrong person. When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give time for the right things to catch up.

But if you keep pursuing that person who is not showing interests, your eyes will be blinded and the right person will pass you by and go and in the end you will realize that you lost a diamond while you were too busy focusing on stones.

When a woman is in love, she want attention, she will like to call you, she want you to call her, she want to chat with you, she want to stay around you, she want you and her together, sometimes when she’s not getting the attention she will start feeling bad, a lot will be going on – she will start thinking whether you have stop loving her, whether you cheating on her, whether she’s not good enough for you. Let’s be honest here, women want attention all the time.

Many women are too emotional when they’re in love, guys have to understand that she’s doing some crazy things because of how she’s madly in love with you. When a woman is happy in her relationship, when a woman loves you, she’s won’t like to lose her man, she’ll become over protective, sometimes over jealousy, nobody want to lose what they value and love.

Sometimes she will start displaying unnecessarily angry and attitudes towards you, watch her deeply she’s not annoying as you think, she’s just a woman who love a man she doesn’t want to lose. When she’s in love, these things will be happening.

When a girl loves, she loves for real. When she loves you, she becomes happy, she becomes proud of you and she feels happy when talking to you. She will be friend with your friends and relatives, your likes will be her likes, she will change her life style to fit in yours. No matter how much you disappoint her, she will forgive you before you apologize, yes she loves you. She will try to be a little bit jealous and protective because she wants you to be hers and only hers.

I have come to realized that there are some attitudes a woman might sprung up when she is drunk in love with a man. Those attitudes to you as a man, you might see it as disrespectful, insults, too much nagging, too much disturbing, too much bugging at you, etc.

I want to let you know now that, she never brought out those attitudes because she hates you or she is a bad woman. Women are too emotional when they are genuinely ( I mean genuinely ) in love.

When someone is too emotional, that person can do things without thinking twice, why? Because she is controlled by her feelings, not head. She might insult you unknowingly because of how emotional she is with you. She might abuse you because of how provoked you made her be. Don’t follow her, you are a man, the man. You are meant to calm her down when she is high, cool her down when she is hot.

Don’t put a fuel in an already burning fire, else it might consume all the good fruits she wanted to produce for you. A man should be the fire service in a woman’s life.
When she is burning with rage because of the mistake you did or because of her wrong thoughts about you due to jealousy or insecurity, don’t leave her burnt, be the fire service that quenches the burning fire from her.

She can be over protective because she doesn’t want to lose you. She might sound insulting because you are all she thinks about.

Try and manage some characters she brings out because of her love for you.
No matter how far or near you are, she will protect herself for you. She will show you all her friends and relatives because she’s proud of you.

Look at that girl, her heart is made of Gold, so precious and full of love. She deserves to be treated as queen. Guys, don’t make that girl regret why she loved you. Don’t make others laugh at her. Fulfill your promises to her, if she wronged you, give her a second chance, everyone deserves a second chance. Know that she is a human not a god, she can’t be perfect all the time.